"The White House" in Redding CA a Special Location / Venue for Weddings and Events.

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• Beautiful garden setting
• Bridal dressing suite   with bathroom
• Grooms dressing room
• Dance floor
• Unique settings for photography
• Caterer’s prep area/kitchen
• Tables and chairs
• Liquor license on site
• Ample parking space


"The White House" in Redding, CA is a special venue for Weddings and Events. This location can be found on the Churn Creek Golf Course and offers one of Shasta County’s most perfect locations / Venuesfor not only your wedding, but also for anniversary, birthday party, corporate dinner, or any other occasion in a beautiful and elegant garden setting. Mature trees and gardens frame the Federal Revivalist style portico providing a spectacular location for any special event. This venue is completely shaded in the late afternoon and offers beautiful night lighting for the evening hours.

One bride who had her wedding at this location in Redding, CA, wrote following: "The Divine’s are such kind people and they really know their stuff.  They kept a watchful eye on everything that was going on and were quick to provide us with helpful solutions to our set-up questions, but didn’t make us feel pressured or crowded.  They have a lot of experience in the wedding industry and helped us answer questions we didn’t even know to ask.
The day of the wedding, everything went so smoothly that even the wedding planners were pleasantly surprised.  I can’t even count how many guests complimented us on finding the perfect location.  Ala in all, our wedding wouldn’t have been nearly as special or as wonderful if it had been anywhere other than at The White House at Churn Creek Golf Course in Redding, CA."

Another bride had the following remarks: "The Divine’s were more than helpful. Their knowledge and advice on how to layout and set up this event was beyond compare. Their creativity of how to incorporate the tropics was ingenious and their dedication to our event was unparalleled. They worked with our planners and venders, as well as organized all the little details that we did not even know to think about, as we were getting ready for our wedding. We can honestly say that they had an enormous role in making our wedding the perfect day that is was!
There are not enough compliments that we can give to The White House at Churn Creek Golf Course in Redding, CA and the Divine’s! Our guests were delighted by the convenience of the location, the gorgeous and spacious landscape and the tranquil feeling of the tree covered oasis. Our planners and venders were more than pleased by the accommodations. And our family (both from the mainland and the islands) was so thrilled by every aspect of this beautiful venue! It truly made our wedding day special and we could not have chosen a better place than The White House at Churn Creek Golf Course."

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